Shout Sister awesomeness.

I mentioned yesterday that the thing to do in this apartment now is a local choir. I tossed this link out there if you were curious to check it out. They performed last night, and because it’s me, that meant I tagged along with recorder in hand. Good effin’ lord, they’re awesome. Keep an eye out, if you’re local to the Ottawa area. They do this often, and they’re worth it. rumour has it they have a huge show in June as well, so if you can find an excuse to be in Ottawa, see them you must. There are chapters elsewhere in Ontario as well–Kingston’s got one, as does the Pembroke area, but hey. I’m in Ottawa now. So it’s the Ottawa one I’m focused on. Sorry. Because they rule hard, and I don’t yet have video evidence to prove it, have the audio evidence I sort of stole while at the show. Oh, and speaking of stealing, somebody should probably tell May’s dog he’s not actually supposed to be the star. Context when videos exist. As for right now, have a listen. then keep an eye out in your area for a chapter of theirs. Or better yet, come to the Ottawa one–and say hello to both May and myself in the process. Sorry in advance if the quality isn’t what you expected. I’m blaming that guy over there.


Victoria is to blame for this post.

And the song that goes with it. I’m kind of, well okay really, fond of Irish/folk music. A certain type, though. Can’t be the slow-ish type you’ll occasionally hear. Victoria occasionally tosses this or that random track on Twitter for her own amusement. And, uh, sometimes, I think, just to explicitly stick a song or two in my head. You can catch up with her over here, but only after you request to follow her–the girl’s a protected one. After you’ve clicked, come back and hit play. Readers of the RSS or email variety will need to click over to the site to have a listen. sorry about that. They don’t let me stick a flash player on those platforms. but hey, I like to know you’re reading anyway. Now, then. Have a song. Meanwhile, I need to go empty my head.


If my family had a theme song…

things have been relatively quiet on the home front lately, which actually somewhat surprises and disturbs me. Usually, somebody’s drinking something, breaking something, screaming at someone, throwing way too huge a party and not inviting me, or spending money they don’t have at a casino I wasn’t invited to. Hey, if spending money you don’t have’s the in thing, I should be the first one to get an invite. So I got to thinking. Parts of my family could really use their very own theme song. And around the same time that idea popped into my head, so too did this song. And because random songs don’t live in my head too long before they wind up here, I’d be somewhat negligent by not posting this one. Hey, I know two people this fits with no effort whatsoever. People who know my family and are still brave enough to read this probably know exactly who I’m talking about. But, hey, asking never killed anyone. Readers of the RSS or email variety will, unfortunately, need to click over to the site to listen. Sorry. For everyone else, here it is. Don’t be afraid to play it more than once. I already have.


Catchy tune, or country trainwreck?

I’m heavy into music. Insanely so. I’ve been told I have more music than most record stores–a fact I’m surprisingly proud of, considering. But even still, I can’t wrap my head around this song. Some people find it irresistably catchy. Others find running as far away from it as humanly possibly equally irresistable. I… well… I just don’t know. It’s decent, for a drinking song. But for an actual thinggy to listen to? It kind of falls on its face. But that’s just me. Your milage may vary. Have a listen, then if you’re so inclined, comment below. Readers of the RSS or email variety will probably need to click on over to the site to have a listen. That’s okay–you can comment over there too. For everyone else, I’m sorry.

PS: If anyone has Toby Keith’s ear, can you please tell him he’s done much, much better? Just tossing that out there.

[audio:10 Red Solo Cup.mp3]

MP3: 12 step recovery.

Occasionally, I’ll share an MP3 from my somewhat large and growing collection. Sometimes, that MP3 will come with a bit of background. This one used to be one of my theme songs a few years ago. Fitting, I think, since I’ve been told by a couple folks I give off the impression of someone who has absolutely no problem doing it. And indeed, for a while when I was going through college and even for a bit afterwards, I gave serious thought to doing it. I had a lot to recover from, and this is the kind of recovery I’d be most likely to engage in–assuming I had the money and the suitable environment in which to do it; something Pembroke/Petawawa kind of lacks. Nevermind the 12 step recovery programs you’re used to. This one would have gotten me back in gear a whole lot quicker if I’d actually thought about getting up the resources to do it. Hell, I consider me recovered now and still sometimes consider doing it–only this time, with the fiance instead of solo. It’s a country song, so if you’re not a country fan, don’t clicky the linky. If you are, enjoy. And hey, if it suits you as well as I think it does me, have a couple drinks on my account.

Paul Brandt – 12 Step Recovery (please download and save before playing)

Because I threatened to do so.

Rodney Atkins – These Are My People (please download and save before playing) – Pretty freakin’ close to my theme song. Or at least, my family’s theme song. Murlynns_view and I both moved out of rednecksville (read: Pembroke) and live here. And really, that’s almost exactly how we work; the week’s just non-stop go ’til you drop, and the weekend’s when we do most/all of our having fun, not necessarily involving alcohol though it *has* happened a time or few. Then we get up on Monday, shake our heads clear, and do the whole damn thing all over again. Some call us mad for it. I say… yeah, so?

Murlynns_view, I blame you.

I was doing perfectly fine without anything from Great Big Sea in my rather sorted collection of things musical. But noooooo… she just *has* to go and play songs like this one (respect teh bandwidth, save before playing). Not that I don’t think every sorted collection of things musical should be without its fair share of drinking songs. But I didn’t *need* anymore… well, okay, so maybe I did. If only because it helps me to blow my bandwidth limitation away before I finally change ISPs. But it sounds so much better to blame her. And I’m all for things sounding good.

PS: Yes, I know, you’ll catch up with me later. But if you’re nice about it there’s coffee in it for you… 😉

Eat, drink and be wasted!

I have to leave for work in like 20 minutes, but there’s no reason why that should stop me from having a little St. Pattie’s day fun. I’ll just have to do my drinking tomorrow is all. 😀 That having been said… it wouldn’t be a St. Pattie’s day entry without the good ‘ole irish touch. Solved! Gawd, I’m good. 😉

Because without those days, there wouldn’t be songs like this.

Perfect Stranger – Fire When Ready (please download and save before playing)–I can safely say this song was actually prompted not by my work week so far, but by someone who will not be directly mentioned on here ’til she decides she’s okay with it. Actually, I had this song kicking around here for ages, but it seems way too fitting for the way she’s pretty much been getting the shitty end of the stick lately. So it got posted. Yay me. I actually love this song… one of the few songs by this group that actually shares my opinion on how people should deal with crap jobs. Oh, if only it was an ideal world where doing that actually accomplished something. But, hey, it’s a damn good venting song, if nothing else. 😉 And some days, that’s pretty much all that matters. So… vent away, folks. And while you do that, I’ll get ready for work. Yay leaving in an hour to get there for 11.

I have found it!

I used to have this song, then well, the laptop thought it’d be nice to crap out. But, I now have it once again… yay google! And on that note, I’d just like to say right here and now, go Sens go! Why? Well, because it sounds a lot better than golf Sens golf. It’s a little outdated, mostly because some of the named players smartened up and moved on… well, okay, so maybe not smartened up. But the message is still the same. Enjoy! 🙂

One more weekly MP3

Faith Hill – Sunshine and Summertime (please download and save before playing)–What can I say? It’s my family’s theme song, almost. Right down to the showing what they got if a few of them get drunk enough. At which point, I become very thankful I can’t see. Anyone who’s followed my blog for, well, at least the summer knows we like a semi-decent occasion to throw a party, or at least a bbq. Hell, we’ve done it just because we could, so I guess that counts as a decent occasion. And, to no one’s surprise, we tend to get just a little tiny bit… redneck when we party. Hey, we live in what used to be a hicktown–cut us some slack, will ya? Besides, everyone knows rednecks throw the best parties. Jeff Foxworthy says so! 😀
I think… this’ll be the last attempt at making this a regular, weekly occurance, as I’m rediscovering my inability to keep a schedule. So instead, it shall become the occasional MP3 from now on. Or something. Or I’ll just forget I sometimes do this. Whichever works.

A long overdue weekly MP3…

Kenny Rogers – There You Go Again (please download and save before playing)–I played this song, actually, while my cousin’s wedding guests were signing the registry last October, or thereabouts. It’s really a nice song when done on piano. Even being country, and therefore inherently about trucks, old dogs, and bad relationships/marriages. I think I may have made a person or two cry with this song, actually. Or was it one of the other ones I played… ah well. This one’s just as important.

Weekly MP3

Bare Naked Ladies – Maybe Katie (please download and save before playing)–well, I can’t see the concert mentioned in my last entry, but I do have a concert story of my own to share regardless to that. I saw BNL in… oh, hell, like… maybe 2004 when they were playing in Ottawa. For the record, they throw an awesome concert. But, anyway, digressing already. It was completely by accident… well, not entirely by accident… I’d gotten the tickets for free from the local TV station, and had all of maybe a week or 2 to find someone to go with. I had 2 tickets and I’d be damned if I was gonna let one just sit there, y’know. So, I ended up going with my brother… and, I dare say, it was probably the most actual fun the two of us ever had that didn’t involve one of us deciding to punch the other out. Mind, he was a lot less irritating then–or maybe I was just home a lot less so didn’t notice it as much. Anyway, after one of their funky little intro scenes that, to this day, I swear still tries to mock our beloved (*cough, cough*) millitary, this was *the* first song they played at that concert. And before the song even started, the crowd was ear-splittingly loud. It was awesome. Anyway, within a week of having gone to that concert, they started selling copies of said concert either in MP3 format, or on CD, along with a load of others. Also, oddly enough, this is the kind of song you just absolutely have got to play roof-raisingly loud. I think it’s to do with the heavy guitar in it, but don’t quote me on that one.

Weekly MP3

Teri Clark – She Didn’t Have Time (please download and save before playing)–Extremely pretty song, surprisingly easy for a few people I know to relate to, some almost exactly. I’ve thought about learning to play this one on piano… it isn’t that hard to pick up by ear, but, you know, speaking of not having time… I do love this song. Sadly, I can’t pick out any particular story to go with it, though there are a few. Hm. Anyone who feels like it, feel free to volunteer one in the comments. See? Solution to every problem.

The weekly MP3…

I’ve been meaning to start doing this a while back, but like most things that require effort, I’ve been too lazy. I’ll try and make this a semi-regular thing… meaning weekly at most, and whenever I remember at least. I’ll try to explain why it is I keep this song around/listen to it frequently, though it may be as simple as I like it. This week’s song: Michelle Wright – I Will Be There (please download and save before playing). Why this song? Well, primarily, because it reminds me a lot of a close friend of mine who, to put it rather nicely, was going through hell for about a year. To prevent her own embarrassment, I won’t enter into specifics, but suffice it to say there were a few nights, and this she’s admited to me, where my staying up and talking to her was pretty much the only thing keeping her from losing it. That girl can match wits with the best of ’em, and to have a conversation with her you’d never know she’d been through hell and back unless you were watching her go through it. She’d probably drink you under the table, too, but that’s a whole other issue not related to the fact she’s gone through hell; she can just put ’em back. And there’s your insite into my psyche.