If my family had a theme song…

Things have been relatively quiet on the home front lately, which actually somewhat surprises and disturbs me. Usually, somebody’s drinking something, breaking something, screaming at someone, throwing way too huge a party and not inviting me, or spending money they don’t have at a casino I wasn’t invited to. Hey, if spending money you don’t have’s the in thing, I should be the first one to get an invite. So I got to thinking. Parts of my family could really use their very own theme song. And around the same time that idea popped into my head, so too did this song. And because random songs don’t live in my head too long before they wind up here, I’d be somewhat negligent by not posting this one. Hey, I know two people this fits with no effort whatsoever. People who know my family and are still brave enough to read this probably know exactly who I’m talking about. But, hey, asking never killed anyone. Readers of the RSS or email variety will, unfortunately, need to click over to the site to listen. Sorry. For everyone else, here it is. Don’t be afraid to play it more than once. I already have.

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