MP3: 12 step recovery.

Occasionally, I’ll share an MP3 from my somewhat large and growing collection. Sometimes, that MP3 will come with a bit of background. This one used to be one of my theme songs a few years ago. Fitting, I think, since I’ve been told by a couple folks I give off the impression of someone who has absolutely no problem doing it. And indeed, for a while when I was going through college and even for a bit afterwards, I gave serious thought to doing it. I had a lot to recover from, and this is the kind of recovery I’d be most likely to engage in–assuming I had the money and the suitable environment in which to do it; something Pembroke/Petawawa kind of lacks. Nevermind the 12 step recovery programs you’re used to. This one would have gotten me back in gear a whole lot quicker if I’d actually thought about getting up the resources to do it. Hell, I consider me recovered now and still sometimes consider doing it–only this time, with the fiance instead of solo. It’s a country song, so if you’re not a country fan, don’t clicky the linky. If you are, enjoy. And hey, if it suits you as well as I think it does me, have a couple drinks on my account.

Paul Brandt – 12 Step Recovery (please download and save before playing)

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