Is it a bad thing that the only 2 reasons I’ll turn on the TV nowadays is to watch baseball, or hockey if it’s that time of year, and see what new music I can add to my growing collection of randomness? I think not, but I’ve been called unusual by more than a few people. I’ll live.

Edit: Apparently this morning, it is. Music selection on TV sucks. Time to switch to my own.

2 responses to “Um…”

  1. I can’t stand commercial breaks. I love to read, and I think my constant reading (which noteably lacks commercial breaks) has me spoiled. I have attention span problems. I think that honestly TV or movies don’t give enough for my brain to be occupied with. Like in a book it’s constant influx of information, but with movies there are stretches where you’re going “What the hell is going on?” I dunno if that makes sense … and I’m just way overintellectualizing probably.

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