Hockey Night in Canada, I shall miss you.

Though the CBC hasn’t officially announced that’s one of the things on the chopping block, they did pretty much cut out 800 or so jobs in the last couple days. And now, much to my relief, the government which I have so often mocked has made it rather abundantly clear there won’t be any real overnight quick fixes for that network, or the broadcasting industry as a whole. for the purposes of full disclosure, I’ll point out the only things I watch on TV nowadays anyway are hockey, baseball and, when I remember it’s on, the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Occasionally, I’ll see if I can catch a local news broadcast or two. Otherwise, my TV stays off and I pretty much download what I feel up to watching. While I understand there’s still some folks claiming CBC has its cultural elements that should be defended pretty much to the death, they’re not why I turn on my local station up here. So if’n you don’t mind me saying so, it’s been fun, HNIC. If it really is the end of the line for that on the CBC, I’ll go back to hounding my cable co for access to channels that actually give me the content I give a damn about.
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