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Randomly curious: does anyone actually miss the mail?

We’ve officially been on some kind of a postal strike or something on this side of the border now for over a week. The strikes have been rotating, and they’re talking about making it a full on national strike if their demands for $millions aren’t met. They’ve already reduced delivery to 3 days a week due to the lack of actual business brought on by the strike. This whole event’s got me wondering something though. Does anyone who’s been affected by the strike actually miss getting the mail? I don’t mean the 95% of the mail that usually only goes with you as far as file 13 anyway. Is there anything you receive, either regularly or occasionally, that this strike has made more difficult? How about those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure? If your city/town was to suffer a postal strike tomorrow, would it actually affect you? I’ll follow up later with my answer to that question, but if you’re bored, feel free to slap yours in the comments. And give the folks over at Canada Post some free advice while you’re at it–I get the impression both sides could use it.


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  1. The only thing this strike is making me twitchy about is I’m expecting a cheque. I would like that to arrive, thankya very much. Other than that and my ODSP stub, nothing else really can’t be tracked down in another way.

  2. I hate the strike, but not for personal reasons. I work at The UPS Store, and while it rocks to be busier, a 60% increase in shipping is really horrible to deal with when I have design jobs on the go.

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