Did I miss anything else while I was sleeping?

In a relative twist of my usually drama free life–thank God, as if there’s one thing I really hate it’s familial drama, the mother ended up calling this morning. Not entirely out of the ordinary… she usually picks a bad time to call. So we’re doing our usual conversing and whatnot, and talk eventually gets around to a supposed fight I was apparently having with someone. Names were named, but to protect the innocent they won’t be named here. It was pretty much asked point blank, though, if the reason said individual hadn’t been over lately happened to be because we were fighting/not speaking/whatever. To which I, of course, promptly responded with my own point blank “What the hell?” I mean… it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that it could happen, or could have already happened and I’m just being clueless, but I don’t think I’d not be aware of something like that. Which only leads me to one conclusion. The great Pembroke grapevine’s working overtime again. Yes, mom. Me working nights plus person working days just happens to mean we’re fighting. If anything… not talking might be more appropriate, but only in the sense that neither of us has picked up a phone/opened an IM window in a grand total of *gasps* a whole week. But that’s not quite as gossip-worthy, I guess. Hm, if I sold my family on ebay would I get away with it? Someone already tried selling his mother-in-law…

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