I so should be sleeping.

But see, that would require that I actually want to. And after tonight, methinks I may be up for a bit. As predicted, I ended up not in fact going directly home from work; dropped in on murlynns_view at her insistence, and promptly had one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a small age. Then we killed the evening watching whatever happened to be on TV at the time, and between me, her and her husband, it was decided that America’s Next Top Model shall from here onwards be known as America’s Next Alpha Bitch. Anyone who saw the show tonight will know why. Anyone else probably doesn’t care, so there will be no elabouration. Cope. It was also decided that we’d be hitting up the familial households for the weekend, what with it being mother’s day and all that crapola. So we take off on Friday, and probably come back at some point Sunday. In plenty of time to get run over by the next work week. But for the moment, the plan is to recover from the evening. There are out of context quotations from the evening to be shared. And they will be shared when I’m not so damn lazy.

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  1. I do watch the show and it’s always been a battle of the bitches. That’s why it’s fun to watch. Well that and the pretty pictures.

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