At least it was an evening out?

I ended up dropping in on murlynns_view and her husband for a bit tonight, had dinner with the two of them and then mostly out of boredom and because it’s the thing to do on a late spring/early summer evening, we decided to check out a couple of the local midways. Turns out, there was much suckitude. They were pretty much all designed for anyone under 10; anyone else we saw there didn’t seem to be doing a whole lot other than watching said ones under 10. So instead we just kinda walked around, shot the shit, and did a whole lot of nothing, like anyone else. Then we scored us some iced coffee and pretty well called it an evening. And I’ve spent the last… 2 hours or so futzing around on the computer. Talked clefurgey‘s ear off for a bit seeing as she’d tried to get a hold of me previously and I, uh, well, had to cut her off so we could leave (sorry, hun!). And now, there is much sitting here, bothering the hell out of almadefortitude on IM, and contemplating sleep. Probably won’t end up getting there, but contemplating is I’m told decent. And it’s more than I’d typically be doing any other night at half past midnight. Oh yeah, and wading through email. Yeesh, gone for a couple hours and they ambush me with the crap. Hopefully no one important has tried to email me, because I’m about to conduct a mass delete operation. Anywho. Other than that, I gots me nothin’. So ’tis back to IM and being generally lazy with me. If I’m still awake in 3 hours, somebody give me hell.

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2 responses to “At least it was an evening out?”

  1. dude, I never even knew that murlynns_view was Trish.
    Must go fix this oversight.
    She rocks hardcore, btw. When i get my ass up there, we is gonna hang out. or something.

  2. I was going to give you hell, but I crashed early last night. I was absolutely exhausted. I’m sorry you had a bad night out though. That sucks.

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