And I can almost be ready for another work week.

I can quite safely say I had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Nothing new–I never make plans. Bad for my health. So murlynns_view calls me at the crack of 1:30 (or was it closer to 2?) and suggests we start walking and meet halfway between our respective houses. Long and short of it, easiest way to kill an afternoon, *ever*. And we’ve officially decided that it’s a whole lot faster to walk from here to there than it is to bus it. Since in the time it took me to get there (we figured on the way back about 20-30 minutes), neither of us had seen a bus go past. So that’s one way to guarantee you do something semi-productive with your day off.

we shot the shit for pretty much most of what was left of the afternoon, she ended up making yet another awesome dinner (trying to prod her into unleashing some of her recipes for the curious to absorb), and the 3 of us killed the better part of the evening watching You Kill Me (2007). Whenever I end up both motivated and awake enough I’ll toss out a review. But suffice it to say for now that movie is fucking hillarious. Ended up walking back here just after 8:00 or so, at which point sleep started sounding like a good idea. I think she and the husband were probably thinking the same damn thing. Then came the requisit phone call from the mother, but at least this time she didn’t insist on talking my ear off; apparently she got that out of her system last night. And now I’m just about considering falling into bed. Whether or not I actually get that far though is anyone’s guess. But y’know… that whole difference between what I *should* do and what I *will* do. They rarely seem to agree. Some would call it a bad thing, I call it me. Take it or leave it.

Random thought: for a girl who continues to insist I should get out more than she seems to think I do, the mother calls an aweful freakin’ lot. And if I happen to not answer said phone call poor murlynns_view gets the next one with a hell of a panic factor. Ah family. Can’t live with ’em and even if you’re an hour plus away they still dont’ let ya live without ’em.

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