So I’ve officially been home now for a bit over an hour. As said before, the mother dropped by for the better part of the afternoon. Surprisingly, she actually didn’t enter into one of her usual cleaning fits; I dare say the woman’s learning. Now watch it do a complete 180. We hung with murlynns_view for pretty much the whole afternoon, went to pick up some CD’s so she could finally do something with my mother’s pictures from my brother’s wedding, if you wanna call it that. And then she took off back home. I stuck around though and we killed what was left of the evening watching Awake. I’ll eventually tear that movie apart in a review when I’m motivated enough to do so, but… well, let’s just say if you have the choice between watching that movie and doing anything else, for your own sake do anything else. And now, lazy is what I’m about. Sitting on my ass and doing absolutely notta ’til I find something else with which to be entertained. Might possibly include a quick look at the flist. Depends how much effort I actually feel like putting forth. In the meantime… there is TV calling me. Combine that with a recently appeared source of fairly good conversation, and I should be good for an hour. At which point… possibly sleep.


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