Common sense not included.

We went shopping this afternoon, just for a couple things we needed around the house… nothing all too major, really. It was still the biggest mistake I made today. First, my mother couldn’t make up her mind where the hell she wanted to go, so we’re doing the halfway up one isle, turn around, 3 quarters the way down another maneuver. And dodging people who should not be allowed to operate anything on wheels in the process. For once, I actually agree with something my brother said while at the store. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you shouldn’t be allowed to push a cart. Although, there’s people around here who shouldn’t have a driver’s license that do so I dunno how much less likely we’d be to end up watching out for other people’s stupidity.
We finally got everything we were there for, and a few other things (I don’t know why it is we always come home with more than we went for), and the drive home was just as… ahem… eventful. People have apparently not yet learned that no more than one object can occupy any given space at any given time without catastrophic results. So, we got to play the hit the breaks before the truck that isn’t watching where he’s going hits you game. Back to what I said about people who shouldn’t have licenses. Obviously we made it through alright, since I’m here bitching about it, but… it was irritating as hell, to say the very, very least. Then, less on the common sense needed list and more on the screwing with us list, we had to stop for gas and the station we were planning to stop at was closed. At 3:00 in the afternoon they were closed. That can’t be good for business. So we went somewhere else and saved a penny. Pretty sad when the price of gas is down to $1.1/liter. A month ago that price would had at least my mother cursing to no end. Ah well. Back to CSI, lasagna and lazyness. Pembroke’s stupidity can only do so much to fill an entry, and I’ve got nothing else.

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