Another episode of “screw common sense, I just want my way”.

Further proof that even in BC, where I wouldn’t mind moving at some point assuming I can actually aford to do so, there are people full of wtf. Including certain highschool principals who seem to take a certain pride in pissing people off while at the same time breaking the law. To enforce a rule against the usage of cell phones in class, he’s decided he’d just install a cell phone jammer. Conveniently ignoring and/or forgetting that, hey, dood? They is illegal. So now, not only does he look like an ass and a moronic one trying to maintain some semblence of controll over something that really shouldn’t make a difference anyway IMHO, but he’s left instead to fend for himself in the legal arena too in defense of the fact he so blatantly did exactly the wrong thing. The things folks will do to put a muzzle on a student or 6.

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