Somebody skipped out on Common Sense 101.

After an Applebee’s restaurant accidentally served a 2-year-old a margarita, all the management pretty much said about it was “We’re sure it was accidental.”. Of course, serving the two in identical containers, you’d think they’d have, you know, expected the mistake to be made eventually. To this, though… I just have one very tiny little question. Which is the more ridiculous? That they were stupid enough to use identical containers in the first place, or that it took something like that to happen before they realized, oh yeah–there’s the distinct possibility you could wind up giving a kid alcohol. Inquiring minds want to know. Good call, Kim–people capable of that level of moronicness are beneath just about everyone. I strongly recommend Mcdonalds… the food’s not as good, but they don’t serve alcohol. 😉

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