Not sure what to think of this movie.

Sitting here watching the Wedding Date, and not entirely sure whether to plug my ears or just get up and leave the room. I guess it isn’t *too* bad a movie, at least so far… but… I dunno. This has the dangerous potential of turning out to be one hell of a sappy movie. If I had a clue what the hell the storyline’s supposed to be I’d quite possibly try and explain it. Right now, though, all I know is the main character, Kat, paid some guy to be her date to attend her sister’s wedding or something… I dunno. I’m paying more attention to someone’s stream of a police scanner instead. That’s the closest thing I have to having my own yet. Though my birthday *is* in 2 weeks… hint, hint, hint! And the one I want is only $500 US… give or take. Okay, I’m starting to get off track here…. doing too many things at once! Back to half watching a mediocre movie and half listening to said stream.

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