V for Vendetta…

Awesome, awesome, awesome movie. I wish I came across it sooner… yay for awesome chicks with wicked tempers (you know who you are) finding it so I don’t have to. Admitedly I was skeptical, so while it was downloading (yeah, like I’d buy it if I haven’t seen it) I decided to do a little research. The plotline, or what was revealed of it, interested me… so I spent this morning, until about now, watching it. Again, awesome, awesome, awesome movie. If you’ve not seen it, what *were* you thinking? If you’ve seen it, what *were* you thinking not telling me? E-vil! Now I have to think back through it and try to find me some decent quotes to stick up here. Or maybe I’ll watch it again later and just take notes. That… might be easier. It was worth the 3 hours of downloading time… fuck, the movie’s damn near that long! And now, we’re talking morning plans, so I guess that’s hintage for me to shuffle my lazy ass into some starting the day kinda routine. But I dun wanna.

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  1. “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.”
    My favourite V quote. If I’d known you hadn’t seen the movie yet, I would have been sure to bug you about it. It’s so beautifully good! I’m glad you liked it. Have fun looking for other quotes.

  2. Well, now that you know I’ve seen it, you should also be forewarned I’m hunting for it on DVD. Just as soon as I get me some $$$ and an afternoon to go movie hunting.

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