I just downloaded Hurt Locker. Quick, let the lawsuits fly!

Until there came rumblings on a few of the tech blogs I read occasionally about the possibility of a non-government copyright group going after people who it believes downloaded the movie illegally, I hadn’t ever heard of Hurt Locker. Indeed, it would have probably been one of those movies I ended up watching and not even seen an ad for. That is, until confirmation that the group has indeed launched a suit against 5000 people for supposedly downloading the movie. The sad part is, this particular group isn’t even asociated with the MPAA, acording to the CNET article. Without rehashing opinions I’ve already spilled over on this site, I’ll just say this much. I may or may not actually end up watching the movie. I have, however, downloaded it. Sue me. It’s no crime, but indeed, if the industry thinks it’s got a case, I do mean it literally.

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