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And here comes another plus for piracy: it’s not broken by the FCC!

It seems like only yesterday, I wrote this entry on why it is I have absolutely no problem downloading TV shows etc. What I wish I could have included in that entry? this.

How badly do you want to see new movies in your home close to the date they’re released in theaters? Badly enough to let the movie industry reach through your front door and break your TV? Well, good news for you.

The Federal Communications Commission decided on Friday that the movie industry can remotely disable analog video outputs on your home theater equipment to prevent you from recording certain programs–namely, first-run movies available on demand before DVDs are released or while they’re still in theaters.

So, legally record that episode of CSI, or that new movie they’re showing while you’re being called into work, and get branded. Illegally download a torrent of same, and get branded. I’d rant, but it’s been done before. Once again, the MPAA and government regulators are providing a worse atmosphere than the pirates. One wonders how long before the CRTC, infamous in its own right for some pretty screwed up rulings, jumps on the bandwagon. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got about 4 or 5 torrents to queue up. Screw you, MPAA.

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  1. wow, got to love the FCC sorry this sucks. As for the name, I hate it when people tell me I must leave a name. so have what you got.

    • You’re not the first, or the last. I actually prefer it if people leave their name–makes it just a little more like I’m actually, you know, addressing someone and they’re not just another troll. Fortunately, I recognise your email address so it’s kind of a non-issue either way.

      And, yeah, to say it sucks is probably an understatement. But, that’s what happens when lobbiests aren’t illegal.

  2. I saw this woman in Florida was getting sued for filming a surprise birthday party in a movie theater. The movie was one of the twilight series. There was only four minutes of the movie in the camera. So, to show the MPAA how ticked off i was, I ran my torrent program, downloaded the movie, and watched it. And, although i dislike Twilight, the movie was oK. Rediculous.

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