You Kill Me (2007)

So I planned to do this after I’d been to bed. Sue me.
At first I didn’t really recognize any of the actors in the movie. But about half an hour or so into it, certain familiarities about them finally gave me a clue. And by the end of it, I only had one question. How in the hell does a movie with that many fairly well known stars in it *not* get put in theaters? People do not make sense.

That said, though, ohmygod. Inside of the first like 45 minutes of the movie the snark alone slaps you in the face. But with that aside, probably one of the better done mob movies I’ve seen in a small age. And they used *none* of the trademark mob movie lines! Téa Leoni is, naturally, so many degrees of awesome in this movie. Slightly more awesome now after the intarwebz have rid me of my duh moment so far as where I recognize her from. Team her up with Ben Kingsley like they did, and again, why it didn’t make it to theaters before coming to TV is way beyond me. Still, it has managed to be download worthy.

Quotes, taken largely out of context:

Frank: You gonna run and tell mommy?
Dave: That’s right, Frank. I’m going to run and tell mommy.
Frank: Oh. Shit.

Stef: Look, I know you think you know frank pretty well, but there’s probably a few things you’re not gonna wanna here.
Laurel: Like that he came back to Buffalo to kill Edward O’Leary so he could stop him and the rest of the Irish from getting into bed with some Chinese sugar daddy and wiping your family off the map? Oh, and he’s a really big drunk.
Stef: wow. He’s really opening up.

I haven’t seen characters work that well in a movie in a *long* time. Oh, and, for the record, minus the drinking problem, Frank very much reminds me of a character I used to RP. He’d very much just as soon kill you than look at you. And if someone threw a few dollars his way, he’d do it, too. I’d buy this movie if I wasn’t already downloading it.

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