Awake (2007)

As promised, a review of an extremely meh movie. The rough plot summary,the main character has a heart condition at 22 years old, and is waiting for a replacement to be made available. The doctors who will be performing the transplant, though, are out to kill him. And that’s about where it stops being overly impressionable. from about 20 minutes into the movie it started being predictable. You knew someone in his immediate family (either mother or wife) would be behind the whole plot to kill him, as well as the doctors who’re actually doing it. Initially I suspected the mother just based on the apparent strain that’ll kinda crop up at times in the movie between them. That, plus she was putting all kinds of pressure on him to go with this particular medical team rather than the one of his choosing; it was the one of his choosing that turned out to be out for blood. Or at least money. But when the relationship with the fiance went from dating in secrecy to married in all of 5 minutes, I had a feeling. And I was right. From there, the predictability just gets worse; he survives, his mother suspects something and gets the police involved. The only thing I didn’t predict was his mother escentially killing herself so he could use her heart to continue living. But I guess even a depressingly boring movie has to have at least one surprise. Ordinarily I’m a big fan of sequels, but if this one comes out with one, I may have to drasticly change my opinion of them in general. I think this movie ended up playing in theatres, too. Me personally, I’d feel more than slightly ripped off.

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