I’m still not quite awake.

wednesday has apparently become the day of the creative start to a morning. I ended up oversleeping *just* slightly, and still threw myself together in plenty of time to get to work and not be late; I had 10 minutes to spare, which actually makes up for yesterday, thankyaverymuch. And pretty much from the time I started until about, oh, say, now, it’s been pretty fucking close to being busy. At one point we actually had upwards of 10-15 people on hold. even on a busy day we don’t get that much action that early… I managed to contribute quite heavily to cutting that number in half, though. And now, tonight, the plan is not to cook. Ordering in FTW! … I’ve been threatening to do so for about a week now. I’m due.

PS: If certain people appologise for keeping me up late last night and thus contributing to the slight oversleeping, there will be had a lengthy conversation. I’d of probably overslept anyway… me = lazy. Me = liking of the sleep. Chance of oversleeping = extremely likely. Chance of it being by choice? Definitely a distinct possibility.

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3 responses to “I’m still not quite awake.”

    • Nah, I was fine. Promise. Like I said I’d probably do it anyway and probably by choice. Not that I’d say no to a good morning phone call, of course. 😉

  1. damn, I should’ve returned the favor, haha. You called me enough in the morning. Although this morning I would’ve squeaked you to death, lol.
    i feel a touch better, but still kinda bla. Colds are teh evil, sigh.

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