Mobile, but definitely not awake.

And not all that great with subject lines this morning either. Sue me. This is what happens when I plan to not sleep in ’til 6:30 or 7. I end up getting up at about 4. Ah well, on the bright side the only thing I have left to do around these parts before I get the hell out of Ottawa for the weekend is survive the work day. As long as it behaves itself more like yesterday than Wednesday, I can, um, probably do that.

I find out today whether or not I have 2 weeks or 3 months left of employment with Dell. Depending on what it is they tell me, there may be emails sent out to potential other employers just to see if my mad skillz are in fact still so mad that they want me, like, yesterday. ‘Til then, though, I drag my ass until I have to take off. At… hmm. 6:30. Damn.

PS: No, I don’t not like living in Ottawa. I just like occasionally leaving it.

PPS: The double negative was intentional. The grammar police need not be called.

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4 responses to “Mobile, but definitely not awake.”

  1. Of course it’s not all right, you are absolutely not allowed to have a life that doesn’t involve me 27/7/365 lol. In other words of course it’s all right 🙂

    • Well, y’know, if you’d just get your ass on *this* side of the border, such things might actually be enforceable. I mean, come on. Everyone knows all the cool people go north.

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