I still don’t feel very awake…

Fortunately I’m nearly halfway done my shift. And I have the next 3 days or so off. At least one of those mornings will be spent oversleeping. tomorrow sounds good. Hmm. I need things that entertain. My usual source of entertainment’s not doing it for me this afternoon.

Someone called/texted me earlier. Why is beyond me. If it was someone on my flist I’m working. I’ll answer you later. Maybe. If it was someone else I probably don’t want to hear from ’em anyway. Bill collectors, for instance. Okay, my attempt to ramble isn’t doing much more keeping me awake than my usual sources of links. And this call just won’t end, so uh, I’m gonna find something else to read while this diagnostic runs. Yay for knowing things will be replaced and not being able to skip the rest of the checklist.

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