A haphazard update. Awake is not I.

In list format, because this quite literally has no real content whatsoever. And because it doesn’t require so much thought.

  • Doing your taxes for the first time sucks, royally. Not so much because it’s not easy to do (mine, at least, border on being way too bloody simple), but because you have absolutely no idea how much paperwork’s involved ’til you actually sit down to do it. I finally got at it today (Uh, yesterday?), and I was *still* missing paperwork. Which required phone calls.
  • Getting used to the new shift effective on monday. Bleh. On the one hand, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 *was* what I was after since, like, forever ago. But on the other… bleh. Not gonna be fun after working the shift I was just on. But at least I get evenings again! And still have weekends!
  • The mother thing warned me last night she’d be dropping by at some point this morning. And me without the money to pay to have the place white washed. She’ll just have to settle for having it disinfected.
  • I’ve been dinking around with Last.fm the last couple days, mostly out of boredom. And getting nowhere. Their plugin for Winamp doesn’t play nice… I hope it’s just because I’m still downloading crap in the background and not because it’s busted. I’m half inclined to think it’s the latter, though.
  • I change ISP’s in 2 days. I officially cancel this account in 15. Hell. Yes.
  • I should not be awake at this hour. Somebody should be entertaining me. Or I should be going back to bed. Eh, since I’m up anyway might as well see how much cleaning I can miraculously pull off (see above bullets for why). Whether I will or not though? Ask me in the morning.
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4 responses to “A haphazard update. Awake is not I.”

  1. Heya!

    My name is Nefertiti and it’s such a pleasure to have you as a friend.

    If I had your info, say, MSN or some such thing, I’d be willing and able to keep you entertained…Or perhaps I’d only be entertaining my own thoughts of grandeur…

  2. jesus, your mother?
    Makes me so damned glad my parents live on the other side of the damned country; my mother would blow a clot if she saw my house right now; lol

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