And now, an actual update.

Because while it was a pretty accurate summary of my opinion of the current situation on Monday, it doesn’t really do a whole lot of explaining, well, anything. So here goes (warning: the below is probably going to be an essay. Deal.).
So back in November, they transferred a lot of the overnight folks–okay, *all* of the overnight folks–over to the XPS division. Now, I have no interest whatsoever in doing hardware related support, which is what that department’s primarily involved with. Not that I can’t do it–it’s relatively easy to do, particularly when you’re not the one fiddling with the inner workings of the bustified computer. But that’s also the problem; it’s too freakin easy. If something physical is broken, it either works, or it doesn’t. End of story. You either replace the part, or tell the customer he’s an idiot and to RTFM and go on to the next call. The longest and quite probably most irritating part of the job now is more than likely going to be waiting for the diagnostics Dell builds into their systems to finish running and tell me which part I’m going to be replacing. Now, I’m all for easy as pie work, usually. But this is ridiculous easy. In a week or two of doing this, I suspect I’ll be able to just coast right through it like it’s nobody’s business. Not good when it’s me. I tend to get into things I shouldn’t. Like finding random little tidbits about my coworkers about which to insult them on here. But primarily just… being me. Which can and often times is a little freaky in and of itself–just ask any member of my family! So, yeah. This week I’m going through the retraining process that goes along with a rather forced change of career path. On the bright side, it means at least for the next month or so, I’m back to having 3 days off–and an actual weekend to boot! On the not so bright side, holy late. But that’s another rant for another day. Like say, on the weekend when we’re being hammered yet again by snow–a third rant for the next 3 days. That one I’ll probably fire off tomorrow, when I have linkage to back up my pissedness. In the meantime, though, there be hockey on my television, and I barely watch that anymore. So I go do that now.

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