I are here.

Well, it’s official. I can, in fact, go from nothing to all kinds of something in just a couple days. I’m sitting in Pembroke right now, where I’ve been since this past Friday, because… well… I really can’t think of a very good reason, other than because the mother thing picked up asking me when I was coming down on average once every 2 or 3 days. Well, that, plus no bus service in Ottawa means I’d need cab fair to get me from here to there, and being unemployed, that’s a little bit scarce. So I said screw it, and came here. Bright side, though, the bus strike is in fact over. Down side? I still don’t expect to see a bus on the road until this coming Friday at the earliest. And neither does anyone else I’ve talked to.

I fired off about a dozen more applications over the last week or so, including 3 yesterday; the most in a single day for me in… a couple months. That has to say something. Still haven’t received any kind of feedback for the applications I submitted during the actual week, but such would be life.

It’s actually been semi-decent outside this weekend. Warm enough that I was about to take my father’s dust mop of a dog out for a good 15 minutes or so without him freezing to death. So I got him nice and tired out, and now he’s by the sounds of it found himself somewhere in the living room to pass out. Probably in behind my mother’s knees or something, as usual. Anyway, the randomness stops here. I had nothing of any real substance to offer, but that’s never stopped me before.

PS: Anyone trying to IM me, I’m not home. I’m not signed into IM over here, and probably won’t be. Sorry. Gonna have to settle for phone/text/email. You’ll live.

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  1. aha

    That explains it. I was unable to read your journal until a couple of hours ago, so I was wondering why I didn’t get an answer to the question I left for you. No answer needed now as it’s loading so it’s all good.

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