No, your eyes do not deceive you.

I actually do have time, it would appear, to throw a quick post up here that has nothing whatsoever to do with my ramblings to Twitter. Not that there’s a whole lot going on here that I haven’t posted to Twitter about. It’s been fairly decent since I left Ottawa on Saturday. That day was spent pretty much getting here, and then once actually here, being too damn tired to do a whole lot of anything I’d call productive by any stretch of the imagination. I actually meant to post before I left, but well, things came up and that just plain didn’t end up happening. You’ll survive.

Sunday we spent the morning doing a little bit of shopping, and a little more visitting. Stopped in to see my grandparents for once, and spent about an hour or so there. I also finally broke down and got a hold of a fairly decent pair of shoes, replacing the ones I’ve sort of been hanging on to for about a year and a half. Monday ended up being a little more low key, with us only really going out to pick up a couple things for that night’s supper. The brother and bitch-in-law have been making fairly regular appearances over here, usually and rather conveniently around the dinner hour, and that’s actually been surprisingly more tolerable than in previous meetings. Shocked the royal hell out of me, that did. We called it an early night (which meant 11 for me), since mom had an appointment in Ottawa the next morning, so after my usual conversation with Jessica I fell into bed and stayed there ’til 5.

Yesterday we went to her appointment, then mom decided on the way back she’d go double check her previous cleaning efforts at my place (I guess she didn’t get enough of it done on Saturday?). Surprisingly, she actually found something else to clean. Now keep in mind I hadn’t been there for like 5 days. Ah well, that’s my slightly OCD mother for you. Then she decided to stop in at a grocery store on the way back, just to see how many decent sales she could stumble across. That blue an hour and a bit out the door no problem and it was still a 45 minute drive home, plus construction. So her initial plan to be to Ottawa and back before noon quickly became one to be to Ottawa and back before 3. Oops.

Last night was again, more low key goodness. We sat down to supper again with the brother and the bitch-in-law, and then mom and I both promptly passed out again, me after my nightly conversation, of course. This morning’s been pretty well lazy for me. Mom’s gone over to give the bitch-in-law a hand with housework and whatnot, so I’ve spent the last hour and a bit fixing this damn computer, checking emails, and cruising the friends page. And, because that’s what I do, sucking on caffeine.
This family’s not without its share of drama though, and as it would figure, its habbit of cropping up while I’m in Pembroke remains unbroken. Fortunately this time it’s rather confined to the bitch-in-law and my brother. Turns out she’s pregnant, and by the sounds of it, has been since mid-July. Bright side: I have someone to spoil the hell out of. Not so bright side: I know who this kid’s gonna have for a mother. And, because you just can’t have the semi-good without the bad, while on a training exercise for his eventual deployment to Afghanistan, my brother ended up twisting his knee. So now they’re not sure if he’ll still be able to go. Which hey, I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it if that’s the case. But he’s been talking about this tour for months, and if it’s bad enough that he can’t go over, he’ll be more than a little tiny bit pissed. Because, you know, no good can come from him actually being here to take care of his pregnant wife, and all that.
So that’s Pembroke life in a nutshell this week. I still haven’t gotten very far on the employment front. The one company I interviewed for, when last I heard, has given serious thought to getting its hands on a demo of JAWS for Windows, A.K.A. the screenreader I use, and is going to see on their own first if it’ll play all nice like with their systems. They may end up calling me in to show them how the hell I can get it to work right, if it gets that far. I’ve been keeping almost weekly contact with them, so will probably give ’em a call up on Friday and see what the story is over that way. I haven’t found a whole lot application worthy since then though, not that I haven’t been keeping an eye out. Until they officially tell me I’m hired, I’m still fair game. So I’ll play the “they’re moving faster than you are” card once I get another bite or 3, and see where that gets me. And now I have a dog nosing at my arm, who either wants to play or be let out, so time to stop being a lazy sack and actually do something. I owe certain people comments, and certain others emails. That will be attended to once I’ve got a free 5 minutes again.

Edit: Keyboard loves to miss letters on me. sheyrena calls it a querk. I call it one more thing that’s partially failing on this bloody machine. The sad part? If I were more awake I’d of caught that.

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