I’m set for Canada day!

Well, we had the combined birthday party dinner thing for me, mom, my brother, and his bitch I mean girlfriend… wasn’t too bad. The food was semi-decent, service sucked, and everyone but me, my dad, my uncle and the bitch stayed sober. For the record, that isn’t actually her name… but it’s what she is, so it works. Then, we swung by the beer store on my way home, and picked up my Canadia day stock. IT’s all good, now, for tomorrow… fireworks watching while less than sober. The awesomeness of it all. And now, I’m… like… $35 poorer, and sufficiently full from supper. And it only actually took us an hour to eat and such. Something about that just… impresses me. I haven’t the foggiest idea why. Well, other than the fact there were 7 of us in all and it usually takes 3 of us that long to get done eating and things. I think we set a family record.

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