Dogsitting not included.

I put up with my brother’s mut because I don’t have much choice when he decides to steal him from his girlfriend’s (x-girlfriend’s?) house, which is kind of… an odd story in itself considering one week they’re speaking and the next she’s a bitch and he’s a prick. Well, she’s a bitch all the time but that’s just my opinion. I guess he figures I’ll just babysit the thing while he goes and falls asleep on the coutch, since you know, I’ve got one plus i look after my mom’s while she’s out. But neither of them are 3 months old… I think he’s less than that. Needless to say, my brother got a nice little surprise when his dog decided it’d be fun to piss on the carpet. Not that he did anything about it, but hey, at least he knows about it. He *eventually* took the dog out, but by then I’m sure if he had to do anything else it was already done. Ah well, it ain’t my dog, and it ain’t my problem. That’ll teach him to think I’ll babysit his dog, though. *grins*


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