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This is not a good indication for the rest of my day…

I’ve been awake for an hour and a half, which kind of relieves me. It beats the hell out of 4:30. But in that hour and a half, I’ve done more dealing with keeping the rest of the house from being woken up than anything else. Apparently, my brother’s dog had set up an ambush for when mine decided she had to go out. So from my bedroom door to the kitchen she had a permanent attachment to her face. And, of course, my brother and his bitch are still sleeping, so I end up having to take their mut out at the same time. Then it turns out mine won’t go out if he is, so that makes things all the more complicated. 45 minutes later and that’s taken care of, so while she and my mom’s dog are outside, I march the one with the lazy owners downstairs so they can mind them. Of course, their extent of minding him is to wait until he barks once, then get up, let him back upstairs, and go back to bed. Gee, thanks for minding your dog, bastards. So, I get to spend another half an hour after they come back in getting him to leave her ears alone long enough to get her in here so she can go back to sleep, and so her attempts to get rid of him don’t end up waking up the dead. And now, I actually have 5 minutes to myself, my parents can sleep in which is probably what I should be doing, and no unwanted muts end up slaughtered. Of course, this also means my idiot brother and his brainless girlfriend get to sleep in too, but you can’t have everything. Would anyone like a 3-month old puppy?


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