It’s official. I don’t post nearly enough. Or… something. I got back here just fine from my parents’, and pretty much flaked out that evening after a fairly uneventful trip. Hit up the grocery store, picked up lunch for mom and I, and shot the shit for an hour or so. Then she headed back down the highway. I sat around and kinda recovered, and watched one hell of a wicked ass thunder storm, complete with some pretty nifty hail. There was a catching up conversation with Jessica (samari76), and then it was passed out with me. Tuesday was relatively uneventful. I did a little tiny bit of puttering. Still haven’t bothered with the unpacking as yet; hey, lazyness is a hella good thing sometimes. I’d planned to make a couple phone calls yesterday, but that was pretty well written off by a rather inconveniencing headache. Spent a good portion of the day flaked out in the living room watching downloaded shows. And, naturally, downloading more.

I did have an interesting little twist in the employment plot, though. Not 10 minutes after talking to Jessica on one of her breaks, I got a call from Zip.ca, subsidiary of Momentous and Canada’s answer to Netflicks. They wanted me to interview on Monday, so mostly because I was gonna go past there to get to my place anyway, I figured I’d hear what they had to say. I’m still keeping my eyes on another job prospect that seems far more sure, but it couldn’t really hurt I figured to see what they were offering. Turns out, surprise surprise, I’m overqualified for the position they were hiring for at the time. But they do have positions that are more what I’m looking for, so will probably be calling me back at some point. If not, well, there’s always just reapplying. Or not. We shall see.

In the meantime, I have pictures from Jessica’s visit. They will be posted. Just not tonight. I’ve done enough random spouting of things off for one entry. That, and it’s getting to the point where insanely late is within my eyesight. And since I have none, well, you be the judge. Meantime, I go consider hitting my bed. Or maybe not.

PS: Now taking recommendations for TV shows for the downloading. Certain people on the flist are being pointed out. They know who they are.

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