Me thinks I doth neglect too much.

So I’ll go ahead and attempt to correct that minor malfunction now. The week’s been largely uneventful. Jessica got to her bus and to rochester in one piece, as usual. I went back to Pembroke, and hung out at my parents’ place for the evening–largely because, quite simply, this apartment would have been way too quiet to come back to after spending 5 or 6 weeks with Jess. I did eventually come back here, of course. And wouldn’t you know, it didn’t take 24 hours before my usual sleep schedule reascerted itself once again. granted, that was helped by the fact I’m not used to being able to spread myself out as much in bed–another side-affect of their being one less person living here. Monday and Tuesday were pretty well written off. I tinkered with the computer a little, and tried to figure out just why it is I’ve been experiencing about the reliability of a third world phone system where my internet connection’s concerned. Come to find out I was just choking it to death–go figure, moron. I finally unpacked and set up the laptop, so now begins the saga of trying to straighten that out. As for right now? On to attempt to determine whether I’ll be waking up or sleeping. There will be hockey posts coming. And a linuxy techy geeky post. Skip at will. You had your warning.

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