General updatey goodness, this time from Ottawa! Yay!

Still managed to update in less than a week; something funky must be going on. Last week was pretty uneventful, after my last update with actual substance. Jessica (samari76) has a pretty full schedule, that being primarily work and class, so not a whole hell of a lot was really done short of taking advantage of the time when she wasn’t attending either to catch each other up on what’s going on, and just generally enjoy ourselves. It was still a very wonderful way to spend a vacation. We decided to exclude the usual party crowd this past weekend (well, a third of the usual party crowd was out of town anyway), and on Friday, ordered food and just generally ate, drank and were happy. We had a nice long talk about a lot of things, listened to music, and just… well, for lack of a better way to put it, did the couple thing. Saturday was largely taken up with grocery shopping, picking up what she needed for this week plus a few things for the easter get together at the house of a coworker the next day. We had time left over, so Jess also got herself an MP3 player, which we spent much of that evening playing around with in an attempt to get it to work. Once we did, though, it very quickly became her newest addiction. The next day was, as said, the easter get together. We packed up a few things to cart over, and all manner of good times were had. There was a person or two there with an apparent talent for drama, but they managed to behave themselves rather admirably. At least that day. We managed to stuff ourselves silly, then both to avoid said talented people and attempt to walk some of it off, we decided to head it back home on foot. It was actually a whole lot nicer than the walk we took last Friday coming back from Selina’s, with it being neither cold nor rainy that night. We got back to the apartment, talked for a bit, then crashed like nobody’s business. Monday was back to the grind, so she went back to work and I puttered about with attempting to get things packed for my departure. Once work and class was over with, we stuck around the apartment and talked until it was time to call the cab. Then, at the bus station, we said our goodbyes, and I boarded the bus for my return trip across the border. It was fairly uneventful, with the only minor hick-up being about halfway between Toronto and Ottawa,when the driver (apparently he was new to the job?) was trying to figure out if we were supposed to change buses to go the rest of the way to Ottawa, or just change drivers. Turns out fortunately it was just changing drivers, but still, it was a tiny bit confusing even for the passengers. I got here at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon, and pretty much spent that day getting caught up on email and things. Today was a writeoff thus far, with me sleeping most of it away. And now, I’m posting this thing, finishing my coke, and… contemplating getting my hands on another. I love my visits to that side of the border, but let me tell ya, sometimies, it’s good to be home.

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