Tingly goodness.

So my right hand’s been doing some funky little thing where it goes all numb on me. Not numb in the sense that it’s unuseable, it’s just doing some crazy little tingle thing with itself. Ah well, it’s a long way from the heart so I’ll live. It’s just all kinds of odd and out of the blue entirely. It’ll probably improve later. Say, tomorrow-ish.

And on a complete and totally unrelated note, clefurgey, update your frickin journal. You gave me hell for not using mine. 😛

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  1. I did update, at like three this morning. I voiceposted, and attempted to filter it, so you should see it. So, neeeener.
    Oh, i installed eudora on the laptop last night, she workie good. Haven’t tried checking mail yet, cuz, y’know, no wireless internets, buuuut.

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