Hey look, an update!

There’s a whole hell of a lot to update yall on, and I have no idea when my next call’s coming in, so let’s see how much I can cram into a small piece of downtime.
I never noticed teenagers were quite that whiny when I was one. And, well, I know for a fact I wasn’t the slightest–I was too busy not really caring. I bused to work last week, like I almost always do, and wouldn’t you know, some chick decided to pick that particular night to complain about the bus schedule, and how the bus was taking too long to get here. Keeping in mind it was about 20 minutes at most. Now, just for comparison, had it been, say, sunday–or, say, good friday (rant on that one to come later)–there’d of been an hour, count it, an hour, between buses going where she needed to be. And I, personally, did *not* want to listen to her cry about it for any longer than I absolutely under any circumstance had to. It was bad enough the bus she was taking just so happened to be the bus I was taking. First thing that came to mind: call a wambulance. I run that route daily–get over it. I did.
Okay, next up. Parents who want to name their daughter ‘Metallica’ (link to come when I get back to the computer that has it)? What. The. Fuck.?!?! I’m sorry, but um, ignoring the fact that’s almost off the wall as naming your kid ‘Legacy’ (I’ve seen it), their excuse for doing it is pretty flimsy. “The name suits her” and “There’s already someone with that for a middle name” wouldn’t fly with me. It doesn’t make sense… it’s like me saying I should be allowed to let my 6-year-old drive because people do it in Texas. And your point, exactly, would be… what? One jumps off a bridge, they all jump off? News flash, folks. “Because they’re doing it” is what gets kids to smoke. I almost question their parenting skills at this point.
Why, oh why, dear lord, do you insist on surrounding me with idiots? It’s just not fair. People in Ottawa have got to learn what “I’m blind, not an invalid” means. No, fellow passengers who apparently don’t know better, “I know where I’m going” does not mean “Please, grab me by the arm and attempt to drag me off the bus”. My trip home on Friday morning velry nearly resulted in someone losing their arm because, put plainly and simply, they didn’t listen. I don’t like people who don’t listen. They make my head do hurty things. Hurty things are bad for me.
It’s April. It’s baseball season. It should not be raining on Tuesday, snowing on friday, and freezing most the week. Spring has sprung, for crying out loud. Winter’s on vacation. Extended. Preferably permanently. People get all uptight about global warming, I say bring it on. No freezing while waiting for buses. Suh. Weet. How can anyone be upset with that? You’re all on crack, you are. All of you. I know none of you. None. Environmental issues be damned. I’m sick of freezing. MWA!
Disclaimer: If you buy any of this crapola, you belong in the category of moron. I will personally make sure you get there. And send a public farewell with you.

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