An update on the mommy condition.

I’ve been back at the apartment for the weekend, catching up on things and taking advantage of a keyboard that doesn’t fit in the palm of my hand for a change, but here’s how things on the recovery front are looking for the curious. She had the IV taken out on Wednesday, and was sent home to recover on Thursday. Apparently, we all had our expectations set too low–even her, as she did a lot better with it than she expected she would be. She was in hardly any pain, and what there was of it was easily taken care of with tylenol. And even that, she’d stopped taking after about 4:00 Friday morning. She wasn’t very mobile the first couple days–hardly at all on Thursday except the necessary, and Friday only enough to keep the circulation up and going, but by Saturday she was getting around fairly easily. She’s still not allowed to do hardly anything, so I’ll be returning there later today, but by the end of the week they’re figuring she’ll be able to at least drive to the grocery store, even if she can’t actually do the physical picking up of the groceries–that’s why she’s got me over there, among other reasons. They’ve given her a timeline of roughly a month, possibly a little more than that, before she’s back to being 100% herself. Gradually, she’ll probably start doing a little more as her healing permits, which will mean I won’t be so critcally required over there after a while. Barring complications, she should be more than ready to go by Christmas, and back to work by the new year. And it’ll be back to the same old routine for me by then, with a slight variation–more on that in an entry still to come. Now, back to catching up on things.

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