A job update.

Because people have been asking. There’s absolutely not a damn thing that’s changed since the last time I mentioned it, though. I’m still waiting for paperwork to land in my mailbox. Paperwork that I was told would be there by early this week at the latest. Well, now it’s a little tiny bit past early this week, and the HR person I’ve been in contact with is apparently out of the office until early *next* week. Needless to say, she got yet another email from me–and another phone call–and I’m about 30 seconds from calling the guy that originally was the one handling my file. Why they keep transfering me from one HR person to the next, though, is beyond me. But they do. So now, I’m a week away from moving to Ottawa, and I’m really no closer to having landed this job. And if I lose the deposit on this apartment, I’m *really* going to be significantly less than impressed with these people.

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  1. Stacie says:

    Argh. I’m getting frustrated and its not even *my* job!
    WTF are they thinking? I mean, they can’t even blame it on holidays since its not Turkey Day up there this week. Oi.

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