The waiting game, round 3, day 2…

Surprisingly enough, or, perhaps, not so, this is beginning to take on a rather striking resemblence to the last time I tried to get myself a place, a job, and moved in all in the span of less than a week. Except, at least now the apartment’s been put on hold for me. But, on hold does not a secure rental agreement make, and we can’t do that without some kind of piece of paper from these people who wanna pay me that says they actually wanna pay me. So, apartment people have a cheque and a rental application, I have the money and a copy of the rental application, and people I’m technically employed with now have two voice messages waiting for them. Sounding familiar yet? Blah, they should already have the paperwork done up… it’s just a matter of attaching it to an email, hitting send, and sitting back and waiting for it to be sent back to them. It takes 30 seconds. So it should not be taking upwards of now 24 hours. If I lose this deposit, the shit will hit the fan…

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  1. I should probably give them the benefit of the doubt, what with rememberence day being on Saturday so she probably got Monday off. To their credit, though, when she’s reachable, she’s so far proving to be awesome. The trick is getting a hold of her, but that’s what email and voicemail’s for. I shall haunt it daily. Again. 😀

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