Now, it’s a waiting game on several fronts.

In the 2 days since I got the job offer, I’ve made and received more phone calls than I ever have in a year before that. And now, almost every single one of them is waiting for a response of some variety or another. And not from me, either. I’ve got 3 possibilities for places to live so far. Well, 2 now, since one won’t be ready until the first of December and well, I’m hoping to be moved long before then. On top of that, I have information that needs to be updated, and people that need to call me back with information I need. *then*, I get to call the office back I’ll be working for, so they can throw paperwork at me, and so we can do this all over again. Fun stuff, really. On the up side, though, it took only about an hour and a half to get a hold of people I needed to this morning. The down side? I’ve been waiting ever since for most of them to call me back. And this be why I usually don’t like to rely on other people. I want this over with already dammit! Ah well. At least if it isn’t going 50 miles an hour I won’t be stressing about it too much. But I’d like it if it went faster than half a mile per hour…

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