The waiting game, round 2.

Now, however, I’m not waiting for apartment people to get back to me. I’m waiting for employment people to check their voicemail. I’ve been haunting it since yesterday, after I got home from Ottawa, and so far she’s not called me back. Part of me is thinking she just had yesterday and today off, or was sick, or something… of course, there is the pesimistic part of me that just wants to go on thinking they filled the position and just didn’t feel like telling me. Fortunately, I’ve learned to ignore that tiny insignificant part of my mind. However, she *is* being all manner of difficult to get a hold of. She supposed to be emailing me paperwork, some of it needed for my rental application, and all of it needing to either be filled out, signed or at least read. I can’t fill out the application until I have proof of employment, and I can’t have proof of employment until chick dooing the hiring sends it to me. Too bad, too, ‘cuz I love that apartment, and the longer she makes me wait the less likely it is that it’ll remain vacant. Did I mention I hate relying on other people? Blah…

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