And that’s how to kill a weekend.

So after futzing around most of yesterday doing absolutely nothing (I’ve become rather good at that, you see), I ended up bothering almadefortitude for a bit before hooking up with murlynns_view and her husband and doing some movie watching at their place. the rest of that evening was movie, beer, and sleep. Kinda amused me, in a way; I brought beer of my own and ended up swiping a couple of hers. Hey, they were better. I learned two very valuable lessons though this weekend.

  • Rogers Video is, in fact, uber uber expensive. Sadly, with no readily available car, it’s also the closest realistic option. A bastard, that is.
  • the Lazarus Child (AKA: The Last Door) absolutely 100% worst movie ever.

I’ll do a real review of that movie at some point before I forget, but oh my. The suck factor just hurts. At the end of it, the 3 of us kinda looked at each other and went “We paid what? for what? Why?”. Good times all ’round. We ended up watching part of an old English society series about King Henry, but decided after about the first few episodes we’d of been better off watching the other movie a second time for all the good that was doing. So instead we decided screw it, and went to bed.

We ended up just kinda killing the morning today, had breakfast, generally got all kinds of woke up, and then wandered aimlessly around a few of the nearby neighbourhoods. It’s like 20 degrees or more out there right now; we were rather liking this. Work with me here. Sat around shooting the shit, walked back to my place, and now I get to try and keep my legs from falling off. I don’t think I did as much walking in a weekend as I did the last couple days. It was made of win. And on top of that, I still have less beer here than I started with. Which was the general idea of what I was aiming for. There is talk of hitting up at least one pub next week… I do believe the debate now hangs on whether to do it Friday or Saturday.

Anywho. Home. Tired. In need of caffeine. So no longer writing. The review may be tomorrow at work. Somebody may need to remind me…

PS: Anyone local been to Grace O’Malley’s lately? It still busy-ish on either day? It may be the determining factor for if and when we hit the place.

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