The movie industry has gone to the dogs.

And this time, you can take that expression literally. the MPAA, the very people who’re trying to screw up the movie watching experience for honest folks with DVD burners everywhere, is sniffing out illegal DVD’s in a whole new way. Now, of course, the first question I have to ask here, is an obvious one. How the fuck are they gonna tell a legal DVD from an illegal one? I mean, seriously. If I’m walking through an airport with a burned copy of, we’ll say just for kicks, V for Vendetta (I don’t have one yet, but I want one!), how in creation are these dogs gonna know I didn’t pick it up legally? Assuming, of course, they even know I have it in the first place. I never quite understood how people could come up with ideas like that. I mean, unless you’re actually looking at it, you’re not gonna know it’s not a legally purchased copy. And you’re not gonna be looking at it unless you know it’s there–even if I didn’t have anything like that I didn’t want anyone to see, you try looking in my luggage without a warrant and a cop present you’re gonna wind up with a bloody nose. So what the fuck are these dogs gonna be able to tell you? I’m just waiting for reports to start coming in that they were responsible for the arrest of someone who’s never burned a CD or DVD in his life. Or doesn’t have anything burned on him, at any rate. I give it 6 months.

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