I almost feel sorry for criticising teenagers.

Only because they actually do possess a small hint of common sense. According to a survey, most teens don’t think CD copying is illegal. And they’re right, as much as the music recording industry would love to have you believe otherwise. It’s no different from the late 80’s early 90’s when the popular solution was to copy a tape for a friend, or even just so you’ve got a copy at home and a copy in the car, or whatever. We got some of our Christmas tapes that way–copied off tapes or CD’s owned by relatives. As long as there is portable media, be it music, movies, whatever, there will be people copying said media. Unless the recording industry plans to show up at every single person’s front door with suppina in hand on the basis that joe shmoe copied his Greenday CD for his kid sister, there’s not a whole hell of a lot they can do about it. That they’re actually trying is almost laughable. But, I shouldn’t be surprised… I mean, I’d imagine if they could keep track of it before they’d of probably put the breaks on copying tapes, too. But, they can’t, they won’t, so let’s all move on. And speaking of moving on, I sleep now.

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