Legal entities are catching on, just not in Canada or the US. File sharing is not illegal in Spane.

I’ve been saying it for months. And, indeed, so have several others. Now, a Spannish court has effectively agreed with me (thanks, Techdirt). Since music, the written word, etc existed, people have been lending/sharing/finding ways to copy it. Predates the internet, predates CD’s, tapes etc, predates PVR’s. And yet, in 2010, the entertainment industry backed by governments is trying to say it’s always been illegal/a violation of copyright law/immoral/equivalent to breaking into a store and robbing it/the leading cause of death second only to cancer. everyone’s been saying we should be more like the US when it comes to piracy, copyright law, etc. Screw that–let’s be more like Spane. At least they recognise the difference between reselling a CD and copying it for a friend.

Note to US politicians: take your DMCA and hang yourselves with it. Then give me, the average consumer, a reason to buy as opposed to torrent.

A note to Canadian politicians: stop trying to please the US. We’re not the US. We do not answer to the US. And I’m certainly not going to support legislation that looks like it came from the US. Here, have a clue by four.

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