Hello, legal quicksand.

And people wonder why I have an interest in law. Tech Crunch, who I read more for the snark than the news about startup businesses/websites, is getting slapped with a DMCA takedown notice for an article it posted yesterday about the CEO of rivals.com, a sports website. Specificly, the common opinion that that particular site’s partnership with Yahoo would go south just based on the fact the CEO’s in some hotness waterness. And now there’s the possibility, as remote as it is and as amusing as the situation is, that they’ll end up sued for it. Of course, that having been said, I see a long list of takedown notices in this lawyer’s future. Starting with TechCrunch, and ending with TechDirt for this article. Oops, guess they’ll be suing me, too. Oh damn. Let me know when I should be concerned.

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