I’d hate to be this guy’s defense lawyer.

I believe I’ve mentioned to a few people a passing interest I have in law. That goes along with the interest I have in politics, as evidenced by, well, just about everything in this category, and a few entries I’m too lazy to look for to include in said category. Well, that interest in law has lead me to take special notice of this article in the news. Nearly 300 sex charges, ranging from sexual assault to, well, just plain assault. Um, just how much would a defense lawyer want to get paid to try and make this guy look like he might not be guilty? Since I don’t really think there will be a plea bargain. Why am I writing about this when there’s a hockey game on, you may be asking? Well, um… uh well… they’re losing. So I’m getting ready to write it off. And it’s only the end of the first period.

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