Maple Leafs 4, Red Wings 2.

Yes, I know this game was on Saturday. See any number of entries on this thing re: screwed up sleep schedule. In the meantime, I managed to catch it on replay yesterday–that’s kind of like the real thing, right? Help me out, here. We didn’t suck, in any case. We weren’t exactly overly on top of things, but we didn’t suck–and for a change, didn’t give up a lead all game that I saw. We lead 2 1 after a period, and they didn’t manage to get their second until midway through the third. And hey, we didn’t take any moronic penalties. That’s the end of the preseason, which means it’s about this time now that I get to start beginning and/or ending these entries with strings of nearly incoherent cursing. In light of that inevitability, the season kicks off for real on Thursday. I’ll just be securing my booze supply for then–I’ll probably need it.

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