Thrashers 4, Maple Leafs 3.

It was almost a good game. Almost. right up until the third. even Toskala looked kind of like an NHL goaltender. Then we started into our usual suckitude. We lead 2 0 after 1. They managed to tie it up in the second, but we hadn’t gotten completely outplayed yet. We saved that trick for the final frame. They put another two on us, leading 4 2. Well over halfway through the period, we somehow managed to get one back. Might have gotten them both, but in the last few minutes of the game a shot that had nothing but net waiting for it bounced off a Leafs player’s ass. And, of course, didn’t go anywhere near the bloody net. That’s the 2009-2010 season in a nutshell for us, folks. Of course, if we could actually stay awake during the third period we might not have needed to curse the fact that shot didn’t end up going in. I think I can count the good defensive plays on one hand. And offense? Well, not really. The bright spot was a stupid cross-checking penalty in the last minute of the game–which, of course, we couldn’t take advantage of. It’s nights like that when I ask myself why I turn on the game. But, goddammit, I’m Leafs fan. Almost diehard. Which, yes, means I get to sit there, watch a crappy game, then come online and bitch about the said crappy game. But, because I’m *almost* diehard, I can still find that little bit of realism here. And, realisticly? We suck.

Last time

we did better back in December, holding them to just 2 goals while we managed to sneak 5 past them. How we managed that I don’t really remember, if I ever knew at all. I don’t think I did. But whatever it is we had during that game, can we please go back and find it? It’d make me less likely to get drunk during the next one.

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