Maple Leafs 2, Thrashers 1.

It wasn’t much of a high-scoring affair. And, in fact, if Atlanta was actually up to its usual level of halfway decent play, we’d of probably been sunk. As it is the difference between the narrow margin and how the game should have gone, given Atlanta’s state during Thursday’s game, was their goaltender. Otherwise, overtime would have been something they wished for. No matter, though. One of us still has a shot at the playoffs. And it won’t be Toronto. I’m gonna go cry now.

Last time

We managed to lose the last game against them in January, albeit barely. And even then, it probably should have been a whole lot different. But, as they say, that’s how the cooky crumbles in Toronto. There’s always 2010-2011. Maybe. Say, Boston, can we steal another player?

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