Thrashers 3, Maple Leafs 2.

Okay, all you non-Leafs fans can say it. As of now, Toronto is officially mathematically eliminated. Not that anyone who’s actually been following the team expected it to be any different. Lord knows since about January or so I haven’t been. And Tuesday’s game? Well, that pretty much underlines why. We played halfway decently. The only thing that didn’t happen is the goaltender didn’t manage to stand on his head. And nearing halfway through the third period, we pretty much got screwed. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though–we all but threw ourselves at the net, especially in the last minute or so of the game after emptying ours. And we still couldn’t force an overtime.

Last time

Different night, different story. This one did get forced into overtime. And we actually managed, though I still have no idea how, to land the two points. Ah well, we had a few years of making the playoffs. It’s only fair we have a few where we don’t. See you on the golf course, boys. And don’t worry; I’m sure Ottawa and Montreal will be right behind you.

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